Who are the players?

I was just fooling around in Powerpoint trying to see if I could map the consulting industry, specifically the big name players in "innovation" today. While they may not all be known or appraised in detail, I am using them to create anchor points to explain my axes. The vertical axis is the offering (should it become the
horizontal?) and the horizontal axis is the deliverable, i.e. do they
make anything?

Click on the image for a full size version. The offering, or Y axis, is currently bound on one side by "design thinking, innovative processes or frameworks, user research" and on the other by business school classics like the 5 forces and the 7 S‘s. The X axis, or the deliverable has traditional design deliverables and the other end has traditional management/ strategy consulting deliverables.

You’ll note I’ve used IDEO to exemplify the point of maximum design deliverables (i.e. they make things) and maximum innovation in process and methodology – which they share with clients eager to learn their innovation process. And on another extreme is McKinsey, whose deliverables are road maps and strategic action plans, supported by analysis and number crunching, displayed in familiar frameworks. Yes, they are developing new frameworks, that is what management consultants do, but they are all echoes of the B School system, naturally since all of 3 schools are perhaps represented there. Surely, I exagerate 🙂 Anyway, this is a work in progress and I’ll add more firms as I think about them. What is the kind of firm, or which firm would be the anchor point for the bottom left hand corner?

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