Cover story bingo

I can’t but say how pleased I am to see BusinessWeek’s October 3rd cover story, especially these words,

At the same time we may see a rise in new forms of Web-based organizations where people can contribute without having their time eaten up by existing hierarchy. Blogs, collaborative online databases (called wikis) and open-source software development all use the Net to handle much of the coordination among people rather than relying on top-down command and control. Such a shift to a digital spine could eventually lessen bureaucratic time burdens on overworked professionals, especially those in such high-cost industries as health care.

And also,

Most companies have
built up large human-resources departments, but few have a department
of collaboration. "Most managers don’t manage social networks
effectively," says Babson’s Davenport.

At Intel, the drive to
reduce the time spent sharing knowledge and collaborating is an
outgrowth of efforts to better coordinate far-flung operations that
stretch from Israel to India. One idea being pursued by Luke Koons,
director for information and knowledge management, is "dynamic
profiling" — technologies that automatically summarize areas on which
a researcher or a manager is focusing, based on the subjects of their
e-mails and Web searches. Such a regularly updated profile could make
it less time-consuming to locate potential collaborators and resources,
an especially daunting prospect in a large, innovation-minded company
such as Intel. Equally important, dynamic profiling doesn’t force
individuals to spend hours manually updating their profiles as their
focus changes.

I’ve decided to just post my words on this topic here.

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2 Responses to Cover story bingo

  1. jk says:

    they are reading PERSPECTIVE too.
    i am not surprised…
    niti, how is bw regarded as a voice in the us market at the moment. to me they have become my resource of choice when i want to see what is being widely discussed in corporate-innovation-usa.
    personally i am quite amazed by the pace of bw.
    seems to me they are doing a good job.
    how does one perceive the (new) business week from a slightly more american PERSPECTIVE than mine?

  2. Niti Bhan says:

    Speaking as someone who has yet to be assimilated, I always preferred Fast Company than BW which has always been too “big business” oriented, IMHO. I’ve come of late to appreciate the changes taking place in BW, and of course, feel a sense of loss that there has been a change of leadership at FC. But is it a resource for news ? not for me. But as you say, “when you want to see what business is discussing” yes, then BW is good for that.

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