Globalism – Pico Iyer

"For many years now, globalism has been seen only in the context of markets and technologies, data and goods flying around the world with unprecedented speed. But people are being propelled around the globe as never before, too, and more and more of them have parts of themselves in many different cultures. How does a new kind of global imagination arise out of the 21st century life-style, and what new forms of relationship and affiliation and community and self are coming into being ? How do we consciously construct a new kind of global dreaming and, more fundamentally, a planetary conscience ? Globalism is creating a new kind of being, one who is in a position to choose his or her sense of tradition, of loyalty, of religion and of home as never before. But with these new choices come new kinds of challenges. How can the socalled global soul turn the unfamiliar, but fundamental, conditions of his life to advantage, and alchemize out of our newly linked world a new and revolutionary kind of life?" – Pico Iyer

via crossroadsdispatches

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