So what is strategy and how do you consult on it?

So what is strategy and how do you consult on it? For starters, you must understand that when you engage a consultant, you are actually engaging a teacher. Not surprisingly, the professional teacher’s tools and products are information. In order to properly teach, information must be collected before the teaching, but
as part of an engagement. Once the information is collected
and reviewed in context, the consultant must relay it to the client. This, in consultantese, is referred to as increasing the efficiency and velocity of knowledge. This is 50 percent of what you’re paying for.
Once the relaying takes place, the consultant then uses an objective perspective to pinpoint opportunities in maintaining the client’s current investment directions or alternatives in which to redeploy their resources
(the firm’s strategy). This, friends, is strategy consulting (and the other 50 percent of what you pay for).

I would just replace the word "teacher" in this description with "guide" or "scout", who parlays his knowledge of the landscape ahead, his ability to track game by spoor and prints in the sand, and his intuition about the atmosphere.

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