Souls in the Great Machine – conversations at AC2005

After the last two days of being immersed in Accelerating Change 2005, I spent this afternoon going over the meta patterns of the conversations occurring in the conference. What I heard were three distinctly different interpretations, of not only the theme of the conference, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence Amplification, but also of the near and mid term future. They were all "Souls in the Great Machine" with a tip of the hat to Sean McMullen,

  1. The concept of the approaching Singularity and the souls in the great machine, viz., true, sentient, artificial intelligence.
  2. Virtual worlds, MMORPGs, like Second Life, virtual reality and cyberspace concepts where the great machine embodies the virtual world.
  3. And truly well articulated by Scott Rafer and Peter Norvik, the concept of human intelligence being technically helped to truly connect in a world wide web.
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