“JLo ruined my brand…”

I was chatting over Skypbay with a former employer/design school alum/friend of mine and talking to him about improving his visibility in Google, when he said,

"Jennifer Lopez"

I said, taken aback, "Jennifer Lopez?" wondering if he’d lost his mind, when he interjected with,

"Jennifer Lopez ruined my brand with her big butt. I can’t be found on Google unless you try Anthony Lopez combined with Lopez Design together."

Almost in tears with my laughter, I gasped out that I’d blog it for him, and add New Delhi, NID and Ahmedabad to the mix.

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One Response to “JLo ruined my brand…”

  1. Perfect laugh maker for a Friday! The conversation that a networked marketplace produces is still made up of people after all. You might want to talk philosophy but many will still want to know who saw the latest episode of Desperate Housewives. And so it is for your friend; “I want to talk business but YOU want to download JLo!”

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