Terms defined: Liminality

Liminality – A critical state of transition, which is wholly separate in
character from the experiences that precede and follow

The Oxford English Dictionary: (1) Liminal: ‘of or pertaining to the
threshold or initial stage of a process and specifically in
psychology;’ ‘of or pertaining to a ‘limen’ or ‘threshold’.’

(2) Limen: ‘The limit below which a given stimulus ceases to be
perceptible; the minimum amount of stimulus or nerve-excitation
required to produce a sensation;’ ‘threshold.’

Turner and Turner: “a period and area of ambiguity, a sort of
social limbo, which has few of the attributes of sociocultural life
that precedes and follows it”

This is in addition to my preferred definition;

the Greek limnos, meaning "threshold," liminality describes an
in-between time when what was, is no longer, and what will be, is not
yet. It is a time rich with ambiguity, uncertainty, and the possibility
of creative fomentation.

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One Response to Terms defined: Liminality

  1. Dan Coombes says:

    Hi there, I am enjoying the definitions of liminality and was wondering if you or anyone could suggest any design projects especially architectural or landscape which employ such ideas

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