Eureka & Limnos : A work in progress

I’m working on a paper combining the characteristics of liminal space and it’s value as the engine or root cause of innovation. Innovation emerges from liminal space, the new, if you will, on the other side of the threshold of the old, and how can these characteristics translate into communicable practices or frameworks to reproduce the "eureka moment". I’ve discovered my calling – as I believe these concepts can also map on to the global changes taking place in business today and how design [making the new tangible] fits into it. Add a dollop of global nomad, and it can become a philosophy for living in the now while managing to prepare adequately for an unpredictable future.

Evelyn Rodrigues
wrote in the post I’ve linked above,

I believe it’s a natural tendency to believe what comes naturally to us
is a simple skill that everyone else possesses in droves too. The less
we struggled to acquire said skill the more we assume it’s so ubiquitous that it’s not marketable (a.k.a. nice hobby). The less we struggled to acquire said skill the more we assume it’s as ubiquitous as air, for instance.

And she asked,

So I ask you, what is under your nose? What are you taking for granted?

And I began to think. Of course, as an old boss of mine says, I could be putting Descartes before the horse, and be wandering down the wrong tree, to thoroughly mangle my metaphors but the energy I feel coursing through me while I research and read today has been unbelievably powerful. I get a sense that the solution may be quite beautiful.

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