Doing what you love isn’t work

A couple of days ago I received an email from a long lost friend, Dicky Singh. He’s doing what he loves, runs a guesthouse in the Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary, hosts guests like Hollywood directors and the National Geographic, and takes gorgeous photographs that are picked up by news agencies around the world. Dude, you rock. His example embodies to me what Confucious was saying about finding work  you love and you never have to work a day in your life.

Dicky and I met outside the canteen at coffee break in our first term as engineering school freshmen, we were in the same section. I thought he was a mean looking ##### 🙂 and god only knows what he thought of a tiny little girl with a smart mouth that once went on to start a gang fight. oops. my bad. did he yell at me for that, saying I should what I say to whom, when and where because I wouldn’t always have them watching my back. We rode motorcycles too. I guess I saw myself as their mascot. For all that it would freak people out that I hung out with 6 guys over 6 feet tall with random scarring, they were the gentlest souls of chivalry with me. Well brought up as they say 🙂 They weren’t a gang, just a group of independent souls who could just hang out with no hassles.

I feel so old. I can feel my language change as I write about those days, using the slang and terminology of my youth. They say smell evokes emotions and responses, what about language?

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