User centered blogging

Tomorrow, Hans Henrik H. Heming, Jakob Botter and Magnus Christensson (Copenhagen) founders of  CPH127 are conducting a Skype conference call on the topic of "Improvements to CPH127". Also in this discussion are Steve Portigal (San Francisco), myself (Chicago) and Jacques Julien Rieme (Paris). Two things impress me about this conversation, one, the fact that we are in three or four time zones and a couple of continents, and more importantly, two, the fact that three of us are readers of the blog while the other three are contributors.

Positioned as an innovation and design blog, they are practicing what they preach. By inviting myself, Steve and Jacques Julien to contribute to their brainstorming session on the ways by which CPH127 can better serve their audience, they are exemplifying their belief in the power of user research and feedback. Much has been said about blogs offering an opportunity for dialogue but this, I believe, is much more than that. It is embracing the concept and involving the readers. In addition, we’re taking virtual communication into real time, which can only make the community stronger and better. 

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