Core77 and BusinessWeek Online

At last! I can finally blurt out what I’ve been dying to talk about for some months now. BusinessWeek Online will launch a new channel late tomorrow night on the topic of design and innovation. And they’ve tapped Core77 to provide selected content and also a new and improved co-branded design firm directory. I have no URLs to share as yet, but will link as soon as the public domain is launched.

[shameless plug here] I’ve been assisting Core77 with identifying selected design studios to be featured on the homepage as PremiumPlus subscribers to the directory. Limited to only 10 firms any given month, this will give companies an affordable opportunity to reach out to BusinessWeek’s vast reader network and will link directly to their portfolio and directory listing. If any of you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, please email me as soon as possible as we’re finalizing the list for the launch period (July 21 to August 31)

In addition, it is to gear up for this opportunity that Steve Portigal and I have been working for months to write a series of articles on "how to select the right design firm" and "Tips on how to maximise your relationship with your design firm". I’ve touched upon this at Does Size Matter? here, here, here and here.

Talk about a major media move for the intersection of business and design. Whee!

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