BusinessWeek and Fast Company

Changes are afoot at two of my frequent sources of information. Blogspotting over at BusinessWeek has a post on upcoming management changes that reflect the emphasis of BW’s future direction – BW Online and new ventures. While I can hazard an educated guess about at least one of BW Online’s new ventures, sadly I must keep mum. However, I can speculate on the impact of these changes on Fast Company.

I’ve been following the blog on FC on their recent change of ownership but there’s no mention today on the news in Stephen Baker’s post yesterday,

The news that generated by far the most buzz here is that the new exec editor for the magazine–and the only outsider–will be our former (and future) colleague, John Byrne. He was star writer at BusinessWeek before departing to run Fast Company. Now he’s coming back, and we’re all eager to see what tricks he learned outside this 43rd floor.

And naturally, since I’ve been tracking the business media’s coverage of design as a strategic force for increasing shareholder value, I’ll be watching to see how the topic is dealt with by both publications in the forthcoming issues.

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