Update – 2330 hours London, UK

The double decker bus (less than 200 feet from where I am writing this) was the last explosion at 9.47am – just saw it on the telly. I thought it was 9.50am but I wasn’t far off. I was originally going to wait at the corner by 9.30 for the next tour bus. my time has not yet come is what I was thinking later.

They’re saying it started at 8.17am with explosions at Aldgate, kings cross and two other tube stations, the bus was the fifth. earlier this afternoon they were letting us out for a bit but I went to lie down instead as I just didn’t feel up to going out. now they are saying the police called and asked them to keep us all in as they are not yet sure the area has been secured, the bombs were apparently small in backpack, rucksack type things

i’ve still got the ticket to the tour bus heh. £16 but we’ll see what happens tomorrow – can’t say I expect them to be running a double decker tour bus through London can I?, else I may try to sell it to someone else. they’re saying that king’s cross etc are going to be secured for the next two days so I’ve got to figure out what I’m going to do to leave london.

the woman I was supposed to meet, rachel smart, was kind enough to send me an email this morning asking me if I was ok (cos i’d told her I was in tavistock square) and if I wanted to come over to her place. I wrote her I couldn’t leave but would check email in the evening if she could come get me from here – a friendly face might be nice. this place is full of frantic teenagers and backpackers – she showed up in the best bicycle I’ve seen, I’ll put the picture up later and took me out for a pint and a curry dinner – I’m glad I got a chance to see London with the Londoners in their local

the staff have been wonderful considering the stress and provided lunch for us though they don’t normally do lunch at all. just £2 – they aren’t trying to make money off of us either, chicken, potatoes and gravy.  and they’ve left tea and coffee out. I must say that for all that I wasn’t too thrilled with the generator, I’ve been most impressed with their crisis management of 800 stranded/panicky/distraught tourists.

well that’s it for now, more tomorrow after I walk around the city

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2 Responses to Update – 2330 hours London, UK

  1. Personal Perspective on London Bombings

    Thankfully no one I know was affected seriously by the bombings in London. My friend and colleague Niti is on vacation in London

  2. Ralf Beuker says:

    Hi Niti,
    good to read that you’re doing well and thanks fot the recent reports!-
    After all it’S amazing how small this world is 😉 While you’ve mentioned Rachel Smart: I will also be at the Zollverein School of management and design where Rachel will held a workshop next week.
    I will accompany their SummerSchool with a liveblog from selected sessions 😉
    Have a nice stay and safe trip home!
    Cheers, Ralf.

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