Eyewitness account – London

After checking email this morning I walked out following directions to the corner of the street where I was to catch the double decker bus for a tour. As I was walking, around 9.50am I heard a loud "whumpf" and saw smoke about 20 meters away. Somebody behind me said " What the fuck was that?"

That was the red double decker bus exploding.

People were walking back crying and I turned around, unsure what to do and came back to the hotel to tell them what had happened. First hand news. Only 15 minutes/half hour later did the news come on and we found out the extent of what had happened today in Central London. I’m in Tavistock Place, round the corner from Tavistock Square and in the center of the all the explosions that took place.

More later. We are in line for the email access at the hotel and I thought this would be faster than emailing people. We are being restricted from leaving the hotel.

Welcome to London.

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8 Responses to Eyewitness account – London

  1. niti says:

    It’s 2pm now.

  2. Jeez. Thanks for letting us know, Niti. Pretty harrowing stuff. Glad you are safe.

  3. LukeW says:

    Wow. Talk about a close call. Good to know you’re ok.

  4. Personal Perspective on London Bombings

    Thankfully no one I know was affected seriously by the bombings in London. My friend and colleague Niti is on vacation in London

  5. Hey…..Good to hear that you are safe.

  6. Hey…..Good to hear that you are safe.

  7. Manoj says:


  8. Shibu Koshy says:

    Nitiiiiiiiiiii i think i have to check on you more often..

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