The intarweb is a wondrous thing

I just got off the phone with two old friends, Trep and Panny, whose wedding I’d attended in Philadelphia in November, 1999. We had kind of lost touch over the past few years, since I moved to Chicago from Pittsburgh. Trep said that when I came up in a conversation a few days ago, she googled me on a whim and found me. Ain’t technology grand?

We were a very vocal and opinionated discussion board in the late nineties. In fact, I stumbled on that site, now defunct, in December 1995. Almost 10 years ago. This was when I worked for Hewlett Packard India and I finally had unlimited web access and a graphics enabled browser. At home, we only had Lynx as the Indian government had just launched and everything was expensive and new. I’m leaving for North Yorkshire on Monday, to visit my friend Cara. She too was an active member of our group as is my friend Frankie, who adopted me into her extended family when I first moved to Chicago. Mind you, these are all handles, not given names 🙂 Today, online communities are a way of life, extended networks spread across the world. Back then, you had to watch out for the axe murderers 😛

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