Roots, rambling and road trip

Whatever images the words road trip conjure up for you, I’m sure it isn’t the one that will begin in an hour. In a rented minibus, my mother and her three sisters plus two of my cousins and me, seven women in all, are going to drive to Montreal. I don’t know what they are looking forward to more, the actual road trip or the destination. Still, their planning and anticipation for a 4 hour drive seems to exemplify the concept of "life is a journey, not a destination".

Air Canada "misplaced" my eldest aunt’s suitcase. Were it to be a simple case of lost luggage, not uncommon, I doubt that it would have been considered more than a minor inconvenience. Instead, they deliberately "deplaned" the luggage belonging to 50 some passengers in New Delhi to counter balance the weight. Fine, but the subsequent mishandling of the situation, the denials, the trickling in of luggage over the past three days, the utter and absolute lack of any kind of customer relationship management has been eye opening and appalling. Do they want to stay in business? Or is this the result of being a monopoly?

Did I mention mom was standing here reading over my shoulder? 😛 Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. Roots are an interesting concept. I question the conventional wisdom that roots are necessarily connected to a physical location. While our mothers are very natural sources of our beginnings, stating the obvious there, I consider my aunts my coparents. Babies are cared for by the extended family, not just the birth mother, and in turn, while my memories are spotty on this regard, I do know that each of my aunts percieves me in the possesive manner normally reserved for one’s own children. I use the word child extremely loosely, in my fourth decade, and have submitted, with little resistance, to being petted and cossetted once more. By being the eldest of my generation, they practiced their maternal skills on me 😛 I tell them often, that I’m their collective mistake.

My irrational fear of geckos? Mira. My vanity? Maya. My stride and carriage? Shiela and of course, my independence? Bina.

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