Power of a well designed product

Neelakantan has just written about his decision to purchase Fisher Price toys for his children. His reasoning for his choice includes good design,

It was easy to see what made Fisher Price attractive despite the price.
rounded edges. Excellent design which makes it extremely safe to give
to a child. No places where the child can stick his fingers in and get
hurt. We picked up Fisher Price toys despite not having a clue about
its brand
except a word of mouth message passed onto us from a parent.

The italics are mine. When you take into context the Indian market, where Fisher Price is an unknown player, and as a multinational, it’s price point is going to be significantly higher than all the variety available, this simple paragraph clearly articulates what a well designed product can do for the brand, more so in an emerging market.

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One Response to Power of a well designed product

  1. neelakantan says:

    Thanks for linking to my post (I have only one kid, yet). I am a fan of great design ideas. These toys really impressed me. The place where a toggle switch operates has left enough space so that a finger wont get stuck there. Same for the places where there are lids which open. Space between them is enough for an adults finger. The battery compartment has a screw on it (it is usually a clip in most electronic instruments) etc. You are right, the price points of these is quite high as compared to local stuff, but we thought it really was worth it.

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