Miss Post for blogs

Daryl’s just put up the funniest post on blogging etiquette that I’ve read, and I had to share it in full because I’d been trying to find information on this topic earlier :

  1. Always bow before you blog.
  2. When you  blog, do remember that the knife goes in the right hand, and the fork in  the left.
  3. Always end your posts with "thank you, it’s been wonderful  talking to all of you. Godspeed."
  4. Polite
    bloggers NEVER use the words "asshat" or "aardvark". Whether "sexy
    motherf***er" can be said in polite company remains a matter of much
    contention. Particularly on the question of how to pronounce asterisks.
  5. The  proper way to end a first blog is with a little kiss. No tongue.
  6. And, especially, no tongue down there.
  7. Remember,
    if you forget which keys to use, a simple little memory trick is that
    you should start from the outside and work your way inside. Hence,
    posts like "poiuy!" are the height of decorum.
  8. When someone visits your  blog, be sure to offer drinks.
  9. If you are a male blogger and said  visitor is female, please remember to raise your hat when the visitor enters  your blog.
  10. Yes, you must have a hat.

Thank you. It’s been wonderful talking to all of you. Godspeed.

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