San Francisco

The two and half days I was in San Francisco were absolutely fantastic! I got to meet some really amazing people while I was there, including the very generous and kind Dervala who took time out from her busy schedule to have a cup of coffee with me and talk about her move to San Francisco from New York earlier this year. I also got a moment to peek into Stone Yamashita‘s new office space. The trend seems to be huge, airy spaces with many windows and open plan seating – as in Metadesign‘s new space on Battery Street. They had steel floors! I also saw Cheskin‘s office when I had lunch with Terri Ducay, their VP of Design Strategy and then spent the rest of the afternoon at Method‘s office – yet another large, airy open plan space with windows.

Mind you, I was supposed to be there looking at neighbourhoods and apartments not people’s offices, but did drag poor Steve Portigal into seeing two sunny apartments around Castro just because he happened to be there 🙂

I’ll be back later tonight with the rest of my news! I am excited! I’ve got clients!

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