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Design, branding and BusinessWeek

A quick thought on the July 4th issue of BusinessWeek, since we’ve had an ongoing discussion over at Does Size Matter? about design, it’s definitions and the different flavours of design. The focus of this issue is on The Best … Continue reading

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Roots, rambling and road trip

Whatever images the words road trip conjure up for you, I’m sure it isn’t the one that will begin in an hour. In a rented minibus, my mother and her three sisters plus two of my cousins and me, seven … Continue reading

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Almost kairos

After last night’s tossing and turning, I realised today that my uneasiness stems from the fact that it is almost kairos. Yesterday, I suffered through an overdose of goodbyes. Still, the fact that it didn’t hit me until the day … Continue reading

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Classmates – saying goodbye

I had dinner tonight with two classmates, they were members of my team in Larry Keeley‘s Design Planning class. Our topic was enlightenment, and we had to create a business plan based on the concept. Modestly, I must say that … Continue reading

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Comparing job descriptions

As mentioned earlier, I’m posting this Monster job description in full to clearly show the difference in approaches to design between two large consumer product companies. This is also a design manager position. Design Manager – Oral Care Manage detailed … Continue reading

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P&G takes design seriously

As usual, I was browsing job postings, this time on Brandchannel when this advertisement for a Design Manager caught my eye. The company is of course confidential, but seeing as how the location is Cincinnati and the introductory description so, … Continue reading

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The Myth of India’s Liberalization – India Uncut

Amit Varma’s just written one of the most concise summaries of the issues facing Indian business today and I think it’s relevant enough and impressive enough to post it here in full. More so as it creates the context in … Continue reading

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