How to resign

Obviously, I’m a very curious person with obscure and off the wall interests, I realised, since in the space of the past couple of hours, I’ve read and posted on three totally different things. Anyway, I was reading this article on how to resign, and this paragraph describes my experience at the Institute of Design. I didn’t realise how rare it was.

If you work in a very tight-knit organization of mature professionals who respect one another both personally and professionally, your experience will contradict what I’m suggesting.

I worked with designers, of the old school, where it was that sense of "us against them", what the business and design movement is trying to break down, but major advantage of that position was the sense of community and closeness that resisting brings. In addition, I had the rare chance to immerse myself in design, from a unique viewpoint, not only the top of the ivory tower allowing for a bird’s eye view but also from a hub allowing me to see and touch all the different flavors of design. And, get paid for it? It was a wonderful job. I’m sorry to see it go. But I’m as excited if not more by what’s in store.

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2 Responses to How to resign

  1. Resigning your job the wrong way

    Perspective provides this link to a good article on how to resign from a job. The first example in the article is probably the best advice I could give about resigning: quitting your job is like your heart valves;…

  2. roberto Holguin says:

    I did not you had left ID… just wanted to drop a brief note, although I never met you, I always enjoyed information coming your way, i am sure you’ll be missed. Good luck, take care .

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