Gamer Generation Is Reshaping Business

At last, a valid reason to hole up for entire weekends playing Civilization III. The authors of the book, "Got Game: How the Gamer Generation is Reshaping Business Forever" argue that gamers glean valuable knowledge from their pastime and that they’re poised to use that knowledge to transform the workplace. Maybe I could write my Gold Edition of Age of Empires as a valid business expense?

Strategists, John C. Beck and Richard Wade contend that Gamers have specific qualities that set them apart. I know my own attitude has been shaped by my preference for Real Time Strategy (RTS) games –

  • Problem Solving Skills. We know there is a way forward, a path to take, moves to make, that lead to success, the next level or a big win. Experienced gamers use everything’s possible thinking to solve them. The more games they’ve played, the more intuitive their problem-solving skills.
  • Strategic thinking. Gamers are students of the game. They quickly assess the action/reaction of situations and people. This makes them fairly good at team building, too.
  • Embrace technological and general change. Explore new territory. Map out resources and requirements.
  • Persistence. How many times have you died and gotten up to try again?
  • …more as I ponder on this.

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