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How to resign

Obviously, I’m a very curious person with obscure and off the wall interests, I realised, since in the space of the past couple of hours, I’ve read and posted on three totally different things. Anyway, I was reading this article … Continue reading

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Surely you’re joking, Mr Feynman

I must confess I have had a lifelong crush on Richard Feynman, and these stamps posted over at BoingBoing have me drooling. Apparently, I’ve been outed as a physics geek. "Physics is like sex.  Sure, it may give some practical … Continue reading

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How to do PR for design

I was browsing Craigslist jobs board in the Bay Area, (hey, I’m not looking for a job, but job boards are one of the best ways to take the pulse of a city’s business atmosphere), and in the design section … Continue reading

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English, American, Angrezi

After being inspired in many ways by Iyer’s book, I decided to see if I could find anything to read from the other side of the coin. I came across this website, An Aussie in America, and her piece on … Continue reading

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Another city

Reading Pico Iyer’s Global Soul last night got me thinking. One of the statements he makes talks about big cities offering the most comfortable sense of home for those who cannot point to any one city and say, "there, that’s … Continue reading

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When tomorrow morning is last night

It doesn’t strike me very often, but when it does, for whatever reason, the concept still has the force to give me a jolt. Time Zones. No different than time travel, really. My mother called a couple of hours ago, … Continue reading

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Iconoclastic Guru

Today I said farewell to my mentor. It took me some time to find an apt title for this post, but that was the closest I could come to in order to express what I feel. By all rights, we … Continue reading

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