The world *is* flat

Argue semantics all you like, but the underlying concept of the world being flat, was just brought home to me by a simple act of laughing with my mother and sister. My sister has just had a baby boy and has been regaling us with photographs almost daily. On receiving a particularly adorable one, I called my mom to chat about just cute he was. We were discussing the orange bedcover in the background that showed up in every photograph and mom said it’s time she changed that, I’ve been seeing it since the kid was born in March. Just then, an email from my sister popped up in my inbox and I wrote to her that mom was on the phone saying change the bedcover. She wrote back saying "LOL, I changed it yesterday". I read that out to mom who started laughing.

Where does technology, fibre optic cable, broadband and globalization come into this cozy family dialogue?

My mother is in Singapore right now – it’s Saturday morning for her, my sister is in Gurgaon, a suburb of New Delhi, India and I’m sitting here on a Friday night in Chicago.

Three countries, three time zones and three women sharing laughter in one moment, together.

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